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Car Rentals & COVID-19: FAQs

Can I still rent from Advantage Rent-A-Car right now?

At Advantage, we realize that it is our responsibility to not only meet your needs but to also keep you, our staff, and our communities as healthy as possible. For this reason, we have continued to monitor recommendations from the World Health Organization on COVID-19 and operate under local governments’ guidance.

In short, we remain open and ready to serve you. It is our hope that no matter how much COVID-19 may interrupt your travel plans, Advantage Rent a Car will continue to be there for you to meet your needs.

If you are traveling into the McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, NV, we would love to serve you and your rental car needs. If you have questions specific to our Las Vegas location, you can reach out to us at (702) 703-1244.

For state guidance and information at this location, please visit the Nevada COVID-19 website. We encourage every customer to use their own discretion if they want to use additional precautions, and we certainly support anything that gives you peace of mind and keeps you healthy and safe.

Can I make changes easily to my reservation?

At Advantage, we know that COVID-19 has made planning difficult for everyone, and your plans can change suddenly through no fault of your own. During this time, we are more than happy to offer free changes to your reservations. We hope to better accommodate changes to your travel schedules and any interruptions in your trip.

This difficult time of change and uncertainty has been hard enough on everyone, so we hope to lessen the stress if you need to make sudden changes to your plans. Even if you have to cancel your reservation, please contact our support center at (800) 777-5500 between the hours of 8:00 am to 10:00 pm Monday through Friday, and we will happily help to cancel your reservation without any additional fees.

How does the current car rental process work during COVID-19?

At Advantage, we understand that the whole world has had to learn a little flexibility in how we operate in our day to day activities. We want to offer our customers the flexibility they need, and with that in mind, you have the option to reserve your car rental online and pay at the time of pick-up.

We hope this flexibility will allow you the freedom to change your reservation on-the-go or at the rental counter. We hope this meets our customers’ unique needs per situation. We do ask that you remember that it is still your responsibility to attend to your reservation on the date you selected unless you have previously notified us of changes or cancellations to your booking.

It is worth noting again that during this time we are offering free changes and cancellations to accommodate your needs with even more flexibility. It is through flexibility and understanding that we can all get through these unprecedented times.

We understand that keeping a safe distance can help save lives, so we have updated our rental process to accommodate distancing efforts.

As part of our efforts to ensure our workforce stays healthy, we have instructed our employees who feel sick to stay home and meet with their personal healthcare providers. We also encourage them to take the necessary precautions and to get tested when they are advised to do so.

We also regularly clean and sanitize our facilities with the recommended materials. This is just a small part that we can do to help protect you, our valued customers, and our valued employees.

Will my rental car be clean?

At Advantage, we take our responsibility as an essential service provider very seriously, and we are working to do our part to keep you and your family, our staff, and our communities healthy.

It has always been our policy to provide our customers with a clean car for their rental, but we understand that the concern for cleanliness is at an all-time high. That is why we are happy to assure our customers that we use commercial grade cleaning products to keep you and your family protected.

We have updated our process to have more refined cleaning techniques between rentals, and we work to provide detailed attention to touch points in the vehicles, such as seats and seatbelts, steering wheels, door handles, and other hard surfaces.

You have enough to worry about, so we are happy to provide you with a clean rental vehicle to give you one less concern. This frees you up to check that you have got all your personal protection equipment on hand for your trip.

How does renting a car help me during the pandemic?

One of the first things we realized during this pandemic was that more space means more safe. During this pandemic event, many people have been choosing the safety of a private vehicle for their travelling needs over other transportation options that put them in small spaces with people from outside their households.

At Advantage, we want you to know that we appreciate your efforts to do your part. We know that these efforts help to prevent the spread of the novel COVID-19 virus, and by renting a vehicle through Advantage Rent a Car, you are doing even more to stay safely distant.

If you need a rental car, we are here for you, and we want you to know that your safety is our highest priority.

As the leading discount car rental company serving major U.S. airports, we understand our unique position to be what people need as they hope to travel safely.

If you have questions or concerns, you can message us 24/7 on our website, or you can call us (800) 777-5500 Monday through Friday between 8:00 am and 10:00 pm.

During these unprecedented times, we should all take the opportunity to tell people how much they mean to us. That is why we would like to take every opportunity we have to tell you how much we truly appreciate your business and your support at this time.